Top 5 Cameras for Vlogging

Buying the best vlogging camera, which perfectly meets your requirements is not that easy considering the many options that you have. You have to consider a few factors like low light performance, amount of noise it can show at high ISO, lens aperture, optical image stabilization, sensor size and Wi-Fi capability. So to help make vlogging more interesting for you, here are five of the best cameras that you can choose from.

  1. Canon EOS 80D – It has all the features that you need in a camera. Aside from being compact , it also has lots of smart features that let you shoot videos in such a way that you can easily engage your audience. It can produce clear videos with its patented iAuto shadow adjustment feature. It can also capture high-quality shots even if you’re shooting in areas with poor lighting. This is the perfect camera for vlogging Casey Neistat ApprovedBuy it now :


  1. Sony A6000 – Boasting of a 24MP capacity, expect this model to produce supreme quality images. It also has a CMOS sensor, further improving its ability to add sharp and true colors to your pictures and making them even more alive. It also takes pride of its smart features including baby monitoring, auto-backup for PC, photo beam, media upload, direct link, mobile link, and remote viewfinder pro. It’s slim, lightweight and stylish plus it can also help you produce crystal clear videos. This is a great camera!


  1. Canon PowerShot G7 X – This can produce excellent video 1080p quality, making it the most ideal option for vloggers like you. It gives you the opportunity of uploading your captured pictures and videos to social networking sites right away. It makes use of auto-focus technology, which increases the number of features that you can use to make your experience even easier and more convenient.


  1. Canon EOS 5d Mark II – This is an older camera. It’s very expensive, but is a great purchase. You will get amazing quality from it. It’s overkill for youtube, but who doesn’t love to film in amazing quality.


  1. Canon 70D – This is one of the most professional choices of video bloggers at present. It has excellent and unique continuous auto focus, making it popular to the vlogging community. This feature allows you to produce super sharp videos without any blur. It also has 20MP APS-C CMOS sensor, dual pixel CMOS AF designed for quick focus on live video and view, and 3-inch flip out touch panel LCD screen.

Hopefully, the top 5 cameras for vlogging mentioned here have made you decide on the best model for your needs.

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